Services we offer

Personal Readings

A reading from spirit to see things from a higher perspective. See through the everyday struggle to the deeper purpose for all the drama we encounter in dayt to day life. The reading will be trailored to your unique 1-of-a-kind self.

Online Life Coaching

We can work with you on a regular basis to help realise your goals and implement the plans we jointly establish.

Innovation Consulting

We can help you by offering unique and relevant ideas in your area of interest.

Design Services

We can offer product design services to help you visualise a new product.

Topics of Interest

We live in a simulation

This world and you, my friend, are not real. You are a 3rd dimensional projection of a 12th dimensional being - a glorious being that has chosen to incarnate for the purpose of reawakening your full self in the 3D world. It's a fun game but should not be taken seriously. There is no carbon counting required. No world to save. It's just what you can do to make this world more awesome for the people around you. That's enough.

Do what you love

The Japanese concept of Ikigai is close to our preferred path for making your dreams unfold. Do the thing you love best. Do the thing you are naturally good at. Do the thing that people need. And do it in a way they can pay you for it. So simple. Just take daily actions towards these 4 metrics and see the magic unfold. And feel great each day, as a bonus.

Life Extension

Slow the aging process and increase your health by focusing on 3 things:

  1. Some sort of world service that you love deeply.
  2. Find things to smile about - or laugh about - or feel warm and gooey about.
  3. Don't seek approval from equally unbalanced humans. Tap the higher self and use that for a measure of your success.

Money Flowing Freely

A great formula for money flowing in your life:

  1. Do your passion in a way that solves a real problem. Get your offering out there and make sure the people are better off.
  2. Take a fair fee for your unique offering. Ensure people see good value for money.
  3. Take the money you receive and split it 50/50 between things that generate more money - and things that makes life better for you and others.

Pyramids - Vibration and Stasis

With the pyramids, sound and vibration was used to cut stone blocks and lift them easily into position. Pyramids are designed to channel energy up from the ground and out to the surrounding city and also into the burial chamber. Recently deceased kings and queens were placed in stasis inside the burial chamber. The hope was these leader would be revived by a future civilisation to continue the lineage. Both the sound technology and stasis technology are no longer available today. They were removed from the game of life to help people focus on more esoteric matters.

The Perfect Relationship

The perfect relationship, perfect friends and perfect family can be found via 3 steps:

  1. Stop caring what others say or think about you. Only listen to your higher guidance.
  2. Do things that delight you - that give to others. Don't pick one person to please. Please the many - and feel connected to the many.
  3. Let your sex needs be met larely internally so you are not beholden to another person for sexual gratification. Don't trade your freedom for a few moments of sexual pleasure. The same applies to emotional needs. Don't trade your freedom for some emotional or financial needs.

We live in a simulation

  1. We live on a ball - in the simulation.
  2. We live on a ball that has a moon revolving around the ball about every 27 days - in the simulation.
  3. We live on a ball that is revolving around the sun - taking about 365 days to do so - in the simulation
  4. We live on a ball that is hurtling through space along with the “neighbouring planets and local star system” - in the simulation.
  5. We live on a ball that has continents (including Antartica) separated by oceans - in the simulation.
  6. We live on a ball with the option to travel around the ball by various means of transportation.
  7. We can venture out into the space around the ball - in the simulation.
    But there is a limit to how far out in space we can venture. Consider the Kármán Line as the limit - at about 100km altitude.
  8. The simulation is just a projected illusion to create the impression you are in a real world. In fact, you are inside a flat 2D game. There’s no real depth. It’s just a projection.
  9. Players, in the game of life, want to be fully immersed in the game, not distracted by the game engine. Ideally a Russian scientist can visit Vostok Research Station to drill a deep hole then argue with colleagues over the naming rights for that hole - when it’s actually just a simulated hole in the simulated ice in the simulated continent called Antartica - in the simulation.
  10. Yes, people make mistakes in the simulation. How they resolve their issues, forgive one another, find their power and do something noble is the point of the simulation.