Can men and women be friends?

Can men and women be friends without a sexual element? How is it done?

Remember that you're not human.

Remember that you're playing a game down there. The more you see through the character you're playing to your soul aspect, the more you will ground in yourself and the less you'll look for the other to complete you.

You're not a male, or a female. You're a whole being. The solution for any sort of friendship to be healthy is for two people to be anchored within their souls. This allows interaction without the physical, emotional, or spiritual neediness. You can give love to everybody but won't feel the need to get anything back.

The physical union is actually less blissful than the feeling of soul energy onboard. That is an ongoing, orgasmic energy flowing through your body. It’s far deeper and richer than any physical experience.

Elevate yourself into your full self to move beyond the need for sexuality. Your sexual soul. Every cell in your physical body, and your emotional and mental body, and your spiritual aspect will be fully activated and engaged. You will not be in your 3D character to anywhere near the same extent.

When this is done, the word friendship is somewhat meaningless because you're at a much deeper level of connection. The friend bond is a bit of a social contract. . An agreement to interact socially and help each other in life. It’s lacking the deep bond.

Whether it's a male or a female, you want to see the soul in the other rather than the human.

Better than sex. Hmmmm. Big call there. I will try your 3 step exercise tomorrow and report back. I'm not sure the celibate monks are getting around in an orgasmic state.

We are entering a new phase of the game. The duality of male and female will become less apparent. The pleasure of the flesh will fade as people find a more direct path to the orgasmic experience. Men and women needed to be chasing each other to facilitate relationships and procreation. Now, in the final phase of the game, people are better off turning their attention inward. People are better off seeing the soul in one another and moving past the human aspect.

OK, sure, but what about lust? What about men looking at naked women? And vice versa. Will people stop feeling horny? Seems unlikely. About 90% of internet traffic will stop.

It will become less appealing to pursue physical sexual pleasure compared to awakening the inner sexual pathway. The kundalini. It will be a more full body experience (bodies actually) - sexual, sensual and spiritual. This pleasure will motivate people to bring their soul onboard while in human form.

Topics of Interest

We live in a simulation

This world and you, my friend, are not real. You are a 3rd dimensional projection of a 12th dimensional being - a glorious being that has chosen to incarnate for the purpose of reawakening your full self in the 3D world. It's a fun game but should not be taken seriously. There is no carbon counting required. No world to save. It's just what you can do to make this world more awesome for the people around you. That's enough.

Do what you love

The Japanese concept of Ikigai is close to our preferred path for making your dreams unfold. Do the thing you love best. Do the thing you are naturally good at. Do the thing that people need. And do it in a way they can pay you for it. So simple. Just take daily actions towards these 4 metrics and see the magic unfold. And feel great each day, as a bonus.